burned my hand curling my hair today

worth it


Holy hotness

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okay so Greenland is covered in a bunch of fucking snow but Iceland is NOT covered in ice n shit 

what’s next???????????

a place called landland that’s just in the fucking bottom of the ocean????

ugh fucking landland

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a restaurant in my hometown got a review that said the servers should “show some skin” so the owner added a potato skin special to the menu and all the proceeds from the special go to the west virginia foundation for rape information services (x)

That’s exactly the appropriate response.

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milkshake does what milkshake feels like

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Changing up my hair game

Changing up my hair game

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gryffindor girls kissing slytherin girls 

gryffindor girls taking slytherin girls on adventures into the forbidden forest and getting them into situations where the slytherin cunning kicks in and gets them out alive

gryffindor girls defending their slytherin girlfriends w/ all their heart 

Oblivious Hufflepuff girls being romanced by Slytherin girls tho

Ravenclaw girls using their witty charm to seduce all the other girls.

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Me: DC doesn't represent women well.
Brother: The government or the comic books?
Me: Pick one.

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